Kankuru for Sql Server

kankuru is free software that can help you to monitor your databases.

You need to monitore your sql server instances, to follow the statistics of your indexes, find areas for improvement, make an audit of your bases, then Kankuru is for you !

How can Kankuru help you?

  • Monitoring and alerting Dashboards
  • Instance statistics : ID Card, top 50 Stored Proc, CPU and Memory Usage, IO Stats, Wait Types, Backup History, Error Log, Gantt Diagram, SSRS Logs, etc...
  • Performance Tools : Index usage, IIS Log Parser, Expensive index, missing index, SSRS usage
  • Toolbox : Filegroup Migrator, DB Compilator, Users rights saves, scripter, query reindent
  • Database audit : Duplicated index, last table access, heap index, etc...
  • And much more...

what do you need to run kankuru?

  • Windows XP or more (Windows 7/8 recommended)
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • An access to a sql server instance to install the configuration database for kankuru
  • No installation on Server or production Database

Some screenshots :

Download Kankuru

Download Kankuru

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